General Information
• Parents may wait in the lobby for students. 
• Teachers and assistants can not monitor the waiting room or other parts of the establishment. Do not leave small children unattended.
• No food or drinks are not to be brought into the dance room or dressing room. There are designated areas for students to eat, please help us keep them clean.
• Dance Factory follows Volusia County School District Calendar for all holidays and weather emergency closings. (We do not close for teacher duty days)
• Dance Factory is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
Registration Fee
All students are required to pay a yearly registration fee.
• $45—New Students
• $35—Returning Students
This fee is due when registering. Class spots will NOT be held if fee is not paid. Registration Fees are Non-Refundable.                                                                                      ________________________________________
Tuition is due on or by the 10th of the month.
Tuition is non-refundable. The Dance Factory runs on a calendar month, which means that the tuition remains the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in that month. Tuition is due by the 10th of each month and is past due after the 10th of each month. We do not pro-rate for missed classes, but you are always welcome to make-up in another class. Please Contact Miss Megan within 5 days of the absents.

A $10 late fee is charged to payments received after the 10th of the month.

You will be notified after the 10th of each month if tuition and/or late fees have not been paid. If payment has not been received by the last day of the month, an additional $5 late fee will occur every week after being late.

• Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class if your account is more than 2 months past due.

• All previously paid for items, such as recital and competition fees, will be forfeited, if you choose not to return to the studio.
• All delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency.

• Dance Factory excepts cash, check or money order.
• Checks may be mailed or dropped off at the studio.(( There is a locked drop box at the door of the students locker room for payments.))
• The Studio office will not be open in-between classes for payments.
• All recites will be emailed to the email address on your registration form.
• During non-business hour do not place payments in the outside mailbox (it is illegal to do so.) or stick in door frame.
• There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks.
• Tuition will not be prorated for absences or holiday closing. (See ATTENDANCE / ABSENCES / MAKE-UP CLASSES for more information)
Dancers are placed according to age and ability. If a child is more advanced, a higher level of class may be needed to strengthen the dancer’s ability and give them a challenge. In most cases, dancers are with others their own age.
Dancers are not placed because of friendships. They are being placed strictly by the level of technique that they demonstrate on a weekly basis. A child is placed in a class where he/she will feel confident to promote the highest level of self-esteem.
Dancers progress at different levels and advancing a dancer before they are ready can create stress, a loss of interest and discouragement.

STUDIO CLOSINGS: (Please mark your calendars!)
In the event of inclement weather, we follow the Volusia County School closings!
If Volusia County School Districts are closed due to weather, so is the studio, typically. All postings are done through your local new channel.
The studio will be closed on the following dates for 2020 – 2021

The studio will be closed on the following dates for 2021- 2022

September 6

Labor Day

October 31


November 22 -28

Thanksgiving Break

December 20 – January 2

Winter Holiday Break

March 14 – 20

Spring Break

May 30

Memorial Day

We DO have classes on Teacher Duty Day/ Student Holidays

We DO have classes on Teacher Duty Day/ Student Holidays

Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is very important to each dancer’s success, as well as the progress of the class.
Missing classes is inevitable, but excessive absences can become a problem. If a dancer is struggling and the instructor feels it is necessary, a private lesson may be required to help the dancer with any missed material. Solo fees will apply.
Tuition will not be refunded or discounted due to absences. If your child misses a class, he/she can make it up during another class that is similar to the registered class. Make-ups must schedule within 5 days of the absents and be done within 30 days of the class missed. Please Email Miss. Megan to schedule a make-up class. DanceFactorynsb01@gmail.com. There will be no make-ups after May 1st.

Students that miss 4 classes in a row with no call/ no show or tuition payment will be considered  “dropped” for that classes. This spot will open up for other students to enroll.
In the event of a dancer falling ill, please keep them home from class in order to reduce the chance of spreading the illness. If a dancer is injured they are encouraged to observe class.

If your dancer is ill or going to miss class please call or email Miss Megan regarding the matter.


(386) 690.6167

Dancers are not allowed to stand outside the building waiting for a ride.
Small children need to be escorted to and from the studio. Please do not encourage your dancer to find you out in the parking lot. Never leave your dancer unattended in any part of the studio at any time.

Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early to class.

The studio will be considered open 10 minutes before the first class of the day. The door will remained locked until that time. During the first few weeks of class we may offer earlier hours to accommodate those who need to register new students.
Please remember, Dance Factory is not a daycare. We are not responsible for dancers that arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled class time. If you arrive early, you must wait with your child until it is time to start class.

Before class begins, please try to have the dancer’s ballet shoes on, as dance class typically starts with Ballet. All dance bags, dance shoes and water bottles should be placed in the dressing room.
Please have your dancer use the bathroom BEFORE class, as bathroom trips during class are very disruptive and can be “contagious”. There is a bathroom at the back of the dance room you may use

During classes we ask that all parents refrain from entering the dance room.

Please do not knock on the windows.

Arriving to class late please send your dancer in ready to dance. (dance shoes on & hair pulled back.)
Class Cancellation
Dance Factory reserves the right to cancel any scheduled classes due to low enrollment or lack of interest. Classes may have to be combined or moved to a new time.  Classes must have 4 – 5 or more student to stay open. All students will be given the option of an alternative class, if available.
Like any other physical sport or activity there is always the element of risk. By attending Dance Factory classes, students and parents are agreeing that Dance Factory of New Smyrna Beach Inc., its teachers, landlords, and employees are not responsible for any claims or injuries in the dance studio or surrounding properties.
Dancers must wear appropriate dance clothes to class,
leotard, tights, and shoes for the class being attended.

Pre Dance & Level 1 Child Daisy Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes (Style 205C) By Capezio Girls Ballet Pink Boys Black (1)                                                                                                ________________________________________
Hair needs to be tied back securely during class.
Loose hair is distracting to both dancer and teacher. Please place an extra ponytail holder in your dancer’s bag. If a dancer’s hair is too short, please have them use a head band. Faculty is not responsible for fixing your child’s hair.

Dancers are required to wear the proper shoes to each class.
Pre Dance /Level 1 Ages 3 – 7

  • Bloch Dansoft Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes
    Style# S0205T Color: Ballet Pink
  • Capezio Child “Jr. Tyette” Ribbon Tie Tap Shoes
    Style # N625C Color: Black Patent


  • Capezio Child “Daisy” Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes
    Style# 205 Color: Black
  • Capezio Boys “Tic Tap Toe” Lace-Up Tap Shoes
    Style # 443B Color: Black

Level 2  & 3 Ages 7 – 11

  • Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes
    Style# S0203L or S0203G Color: Pink
  • Level 2 – BLOCH Child “Tap-On” Buckle Tap Shoes
    Style # S0302G orS0302L Color: Black Leather
  • Level 3 – Capezio Jr Footlight 1.5 Heel Tap Style #561 Color: Caramel
  • Capezio “E-Series” Slip-On Jazz Shoes
    Style No: EJ2 or EJ2C Color: Caramel or Mocha


  • Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes
    Style# S0203L or S0203G Color: Black
  • Capezio Boys “Tic Tap Toe” Lace-Up Tap Shoes
    Style # 443B Color: Black
  • Capezio “E-Series” Slip-On Jazz Shoes
    Style No: EJ2 or EJ2C Color: Black

Level 4 Ages 12 and Up

  • Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes
    Style# S0203L or S0203G Color: Pink
  • Capezio Jr footlight 1.5 heel Tap Style# 561 Color Caramel 
  • Capezio “E-Series” Slip-On Jazz Shoes
    Style No: EJ2 or EJ2C Color: Caramel or Mocha


  • Bloch “Prolite II Hybrid” Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes
    Style# S0203L or S0203G Color: Black
  • Capezio “Riff” Slip-On Tap Shoes
    Style# CG18x Color: Black Leather
  • Capezio “E-Series” Slip-On Jazz Shoes
    Style No: EJ2 or EJ2C Color: Black

Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Lyrical; Capezio  Canvas Lyrical Shoes
    Style No: H064W Color: Nude
  • Hip Hop: PASTRY “Pop Tart” High Top or an balck high top with white sole
    Style No: PA153100 Color: Black

Watch Guidelines:
• Take turns at the window as all guests would like to view
• Limit of one guest per family
• Be respectful to others with noise level
• Please do not bang on the windows or tap (children can not see you and it is very disruptive to the entire class)
• Do Not let small children hang on the windowsill or stand on the coloring table.
It is important to monitor your children’s progress and see the instructors interact with the dancers. Please keep in mind that dancers are very excited and can be easily distracted having guests watch through the windows. The staff appreciates your understanding.
It is extremely helpful to the instructor to keep voices down while sitting in the lobby or office. Noise does travel into the dance rooms and the dancers feed off the energy outside of the door.

Code of Conduct
• Students are expected to be well-behaved, and to show respect and courtesy to their teachers, as well as classmates and parents.
• Students will be dismissed from class for unreasonable behavior or excessive absenteeism. There will be no tuition reimbursement for such occasions.
• Students are not permitted to have cell phones in classrooms at any time.
• Students are not permitted to touch the stereo equipment.
• Students may use the telephone for emergency purposes only.
• Parents are expected to up hold the Code of Conduct. Disruptive or abusive behavior will be addressed by possible dismissal from the Dance Factory
• **Cell phones are allowed in the facility but cannot be used by students during any instruction time. Teachers will allow students to step out of the dance area to make a needed phone call. Cell phones will be taken away if seen out during class & returned to the parent of the dancer after class.

DISMISSAL FROM CLASS: The Dance Factory of New Smyrna Beach, Inc. provides a fun, rewarding, and challenging experience in dance, to students of all ages and abilities. This results from the collaboration among parents, students, and teachers. Class participation, a positive approach to learning, adherence to policies, and parental support are important factors influencing the experience of your student and others enrolled in class. In order to maintain a welcoming atmosphere, the Dance Factory of New Smyrna Beach, Inc. reserves the right to dismiss any student, as it sees fit.

Class…………………………………..HolidayCostume………………….. June Costume
(Most Classes will have Combination Costumes that will transfer one routine to another)

Ex. Dancer is in Level 2 Ballet & Jazz and Level 2 & 3 Lyrical. Your dancer would have 2 costumes.

Pre Dance Ballet & Tap ……Holiday Dress……………………….. 1 Costume
Level 1 Ballet & Tap………… 1 Costume ……………………………..1 Costume
Level 2 Ballet & Jazz………….1 Costume ……………………………..1 Costume
Level 2 & 3 Lyrical………….1 Costume ……………………………….1 Costume
Level 3 Ballet……………………. 1 Costume……………………………… 1 Costume
Level 3 Jazz ……………. 1 Costume……………………………….1 Costume
Level 2 & 3 Tap…………………… Same as Jazz……………………………. Same as Jazz
Level 3 Ballet ……………………..1 Costume……………………………… 1 Costume
Level 3 Pointe …………………….Same as Ballet 4 …………………………………….. Same as Ballet 4  
Level  4 Jazz  ……………..1 Costume………………………………. 1 Costume                                                          Level 4 Lyrical…………………..1 Costume ………………………………..1 Costume                                                        Level 4 Tap ……………………….Same as Jazz 4………………………………. Same as Jazz 4                               

After registration, every parent will receive their 2021 October statement which will include your costume fees. Again, All costume fees are due by October 15, 2021
ALL costume fees are to be paid in full by these due dates. Dance Factory will be unable to give costume refunds once costumes are ordered and/or after January 1, 2022. Any paid costume not claimed after 30 days of delivery will become property of Dance Factory.
You may pay all at once October 15th OR We offer a Costume Deposit Program (CDP) for those parents ordering more than two costumes. This program will begin in OCTOBER and END IN DECEMBER.
If you choose the CDP, this payment program will include your Christmas Costume & Recital Costumes. The CDP will consist of THREE EQUAL PAYMENTS Due:
October 15th
November 19th
December 10th.
All payments should be made on time.
Costumes not paid in full by Dec. 10th
Individual LATE ORDERS will be subject to pay a $10 Late Fee plus, individual shipping and handling fees according to the costume manufacturers.
Recital Fee ~ Due April 1, 2022
Your Recital Fee $100 per family. This fee includes recital video, & recital t-shirt.

To help defray the costs, each family pays this recital fee which covers: venue rental, auditorium rental, technician fees, lighting, props, trophies, awards, and programs, etc.
Your recital fee is due APRIL 1st, each year. (Recital Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.)
Students beginning later in the year Pay the same Registration Fee and Recital fee
Due APRIL 1st. Costumes must be ordered and paid for by FEBRUARY 1st. Dancers ordering costumes in Feb. will NOT make it for Spring Show and/ or Photo Day. Costumes ordered in Feb. will arrive right before the June Recital

Dance Factory Contact Information & Web Pages

Webpage: http://www.dancefactorynsb.com
Email: dancefactorynsb01@gmail.com

Phone: (386) 690 – 6167

Mailing Address: 104 East Knapp Ave.
Edgewater, FL 32132

Facebook: Please “like” us on Facebook. There is always lots of fun info and things that are posted there. @DanceFactorynsb01

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