Recital Info.

Saturday, June 17th
Dance Factory’s 22nd Annual Dane Recital

Recital Fee ~ Due April 1, 2023
Your Recital Fee $100 per family. To help defray the costs, each family pays this recital fee which covers: venue rental, auditorium rental, technician fees, lighting, props, trophies, awards, and programs, etc.
Your recital fee is due APRIL 1st, each year. (Recital Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.)
Students beginning later in the year Pay the same Registration Fee and Recital fee.


Date                                                     Event                                                                      Location

                                                                       TBD Finale 4:30 Dance Factory (Act II)
                    TBD Finale 4:30 Dance Factory (Act II)
                    TBD Class Photos 5:00- 8:00PM Dance Factory
TBD Ticket on Sale @ 4:30 Dance Factory 
TBD Mandatory Rehearsal 5:00 – 7:00
(Level 1 Pick-up 6:00PM)
Dance Factory (Level 1 & 3) ACT II 
TBD Mandatory Rehearsal 5:00 – 7:00
(Pre-dance Pick-up 6:00PM)
Dance Factory (Pre-dance & Level 3) ACT I
 TBD Mandatory Rehearsal 5:00 – 7:00  Dance Factory (Level 2 & 3) ACT II
TBD Mandatory Dress Rehearsal 4:30 – 8:30 Full Hair & Make-up  Coliseum
176 N Beach St, Daytona Beach
(Pre-dance, Level 1,2, 3 & Adults)
                    TBD                                                              SHOW TIME 7PM
                     (See drop off / pick up for all Levels)
176 N Beach St, Daytona Beach

By allowing your child to participate Dance Factory’s Holiday Showcase, you commit yourself and/or your child to the following dates and events.

  • As the season progresses, additional recital information or updates will be posted on the Dance Factory’s website,, in monthly newsletters, and on front door of the locker room in the studio lobby. Make it your responsibility to keep abreast of this important information.
  • Our goal is to make the recital an organized, exciting experience for everyone involved. It’s a team effort; students, their parents, the teachers\ director are key players in the show’s success.


All dancers should have new tights for the Showcase. Please order at the beginning of November!

Please purchase online trough Discount
Click the link below or visit Dance Depot located in Daytona.

Online order should be placed the first week of April.
Place your order soon, as you will need tights for your photos and dance recital.
Start Shopping
To ensure that there are no discrepancies in color and style, students are required to have the same tights for their classes. Tights are available from dance wear stores. Be sure to purchase the correct style. Please purchase new tights for the recital, and do not wear or wash them before the dress rehearsal or performance. (Note: Having a second pair of tights on hand offers students and parents a great sense of security.) Tight brands that are excepted Capezio & Bodywrapper only.
Class                                Color                                               Style#___Bodywrapper___


Pre-Dance White Footed C80
Level 1 White Footed C80
Level 2, 3, 4 Ballet Theatrical Pink Footed C81 & A81
Level 2, 3, 4 & Adult Jazz & Tap Jazzy Tan C81& A81
Level 2, 3 & 4 Lyrical Jazzy Tan C32 & A32
Boys Ballet Tights Black B90

Class                                                                   Color                                               Style#___Capezio__

Pre Dance White Footed 1915
Level 1 White Footed 1915
Level 2, 3, 4 Ballet Pink 1915
Level 2, 3, 4 & Adult Jazz & Tap Caramel 1915
Level 2, 3 & 4 Lyrical Caramel 1961
Boys Ballet Tights Black B90

 Should be polished and cleaned up. Make sure that all shoes have their name in them on the inside of the shoes. Please do NOT write on the bottom of the shoes.

Hair and Makeup
All female students are required to wear makeup for the recital: lipstick, blush, eye shadow, and mascara. For the boys, a little blush works well so they are not washed out under the stage lights.
Lipstick – Maybelline Optic Ruby# 310 or All Day Cherry #015           
Blush- Maybelline Berry #55       Mascara – black      Eyeliner – Black
Eye shadow – Maybelline Natural Smokes or Chai Latte 22Q
Magnetize or glue on eyelash for All Level 3

Pre-Dance hair should be in a half ponytail.
Level 1, 2 & 3 Uniform hairstyles are required for dancers. Dancer are required wear their hair in a ballet bun with center part. No bangs or beads are allowed unless instructed by teacher. Dancers with short hair must pull their hair away from the face. No bun donuts!!!

Be Prepared Pre-Planning
Please make sure you have your correct tights order! 

Dress Rehearsal – TBD
Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory.
 The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), and being onstage. Lighting, music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so that the students make the best impression possible. We run an organized and timely dress rehearsal; your help with the process will guarantee a professional production.
 Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to curtain time. Students may arrive in their first performance costume or may change in the dressing room.  This is a full dress rehearsal all dances should have hair and makeup done as well. A run-through of the finale will take place at the dress rehearsal. Schedule and class rehearsal times are all listed in this email.

Dressing-Room Etiquette
 Students must respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. The students will spend more time in the dressing rooms than onstage or in the theater, so please do your best to keep them organized and clean. Please send your dancer with a label water bottle. Dress-Rehearsal is CLOSED REHEARSAL NO GUEST. 
VOLUNTEERS Please, no siblings who do not dance! No Additional attendees BACKSTAGE during the dress rehearsal or performance or they will be asked to leave the building. This is for the safety of your child.

Student Drop-Off and Pickup Dress Rehearsal & Recital
Drop-Off and Pickup Parent or guardian should bring the students to backstage door in the theater, where they will be checked in and placed under the supervision of their backstage class mom(s).
Dress Rehearsal Dismissal Students will be dismissed from rehearsal once they have completed all of their routines.
Rehearsal 4:30 – 6:30PM Pre-Dance & Level 1
Rehearsal 4:30 – 8:30PM Level 2, 3 & Adult

 Recital Performance Arrival and Dismissal – TBD
Recital 6:00 – Intermission Pre-Dance
Recital Intermission – Finale Level 1
Recital Full Show Level 1, 2, 3 & Adult
Parents or guardians should bring the students to backstage door of the theater, where they will be checked in and placed under the supervision of their class mom(s). Students will remain backstage until time listed above; Parents can pick their child up from the backstage door. Parents are not allowed in the dressing rooms after the children have been checked in for their dance.
Pre-Dance should be picked up at intermission at thi time Level 1 will be dropped off. All other levels should be pick up after the performance. 

 Backstage: Family members and friends are not permitted to enter, this is for the safety of our dancers. Backstage or dressing rooms during rehearsals or the recital off limits to all guest, family and friends.  The same applies during intermission and after the show. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area.
 Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers should do so in the lobby areas or backstage door.

 Recital Tickets Ticket Policies – TBD@ the Dance Factory
 Tickets go on sale TBD  @ 4:30PM

All studio accounts (tuition, costumes, etc.) must be paid in full before any family member may purchase recital tickets. We would like to create an organized and professional atmosphere, all tickets are reserved seating, doors will open 30 minutes before show time, all seating is reserved seating. Each member of the family must have a ticket to enter the theater. Please do NOT allow children to run around the theater, this is distracting to audience members. All of our recitals are considered family entertainment and are up to two hours in length.

Auditorium Rules
Auditorium Rules no smoking/ vaping is allowed in the auditorium or dressing rooms. When dancer are not onstage, dancers must remain in the dressing rooms with their class moms during the recital and rehearsal.
 Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers should do so in the lobby areas or backstage door at pick up. Please do not call your dancer to the edge of the stage.



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